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  • Kate DiCamillo: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

    Kate DiCamillo: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
    This children's book is so much more than a child's story; from the moment when grandmother Pellegrina fixes her sharp black eyes at the rabbit and says, "I'm very disappointed in you, Edward", the story demands an examination of the reader's motives along with the scouring of Edward's selfish and vain behavior. I finished the book and sat back with a beautiful ache, knowing I had read something that was meant to be savoured, and would resonate far longer than perhaps I am comfortable with. Is that not the mark of a true story?

  • Charles Frazier: Thirteen Moons: A Novel

    Charles Frazier: Thirteen Moons: A Novel
    I had a really hard time getting into this one, but the writing was very well done. I did not find the characters sympathetic, but perhaps that's because I've read a lot of harsh stuff recently and was not moved by the plight of the idiots here. Kind of frustrating for me, I must say.

  • David Baldacci: The Camel Club

    David Baldacci: The Camel Club
    On a recommendation from a coworker, I'm trying out David Baldacci. This book falls squarely into the political thriller/mystery genre, but I really enjoyed the Bourne Identity, so I think I will be happy with this too. The writing is not bad, and the characters are already memorable - these are not just your token CIA agents and a few political advisors.

  • Jeannette Walls: The Glass Castle: A Memoir

    Jeannette Walls: The Glass Castle: A Memoir
    I've only begun reading this, but it comes highly recommended. The story centers on the family of an alcoholic father and neglectful mother, as the author attempts to describe her childhood in all its glory and pain. I recognize some of the wild creativity and exploration.

  • Diane Ackerman: The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story

    Diane Ackerman: The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story
    Riveting story about the Resistance in Poland, told through the life of Antonina, the wife of the zookeeper in Warsaw. Both the third-person discussions and the first-person narratives were informative and creatively done - I walked away realizing I had known very little about the Polish role in fighting Nazi Germany, and I now feel compelled to learn more. A very good read.

  • Sara Gruen: Water for Elephants: A Novel

    Sara Gruen: Water for Elephants: A Novel
    Way too much fun, with a twist at the end that will throw you completely off guard. It was lovely, but too graphic for kids.

  • Chris Crutcher: Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes

    Chris Crutcher: Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes

  • David McCullough: John Adams

    David McCullough: John Adams

  • Jeremy Byman: Madame Secretary: The Story of Madeleine Albright (Notable Americans)

    Jeremy Byman: Madame Secretary: The Story of Madeleine Albright (Notable Americans)

  • Thomas Merton: The Seven Storey Mountain
    Loves France. Interesting spiritual metaphors, a bit heavy-handed metaphysically. Not sure what I'll think about it when I finish.

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i have recently just finised paying off the loans after having my taxes garnished for the last 6 years. I can say that bcti gave me nothing for what i paid into it. All the harassing phone calls and not having the thing i can give to my family because of the garnishings really hit me hard. i would like more info on the class action lawsuits going on so i can feel more like a person and less like a sucker... thanks


I'm in the same with Mike up there; my credit is screwed up, the only way to get in touch is through my parents. I have been waiting for some relief from this Hell. I did learn stuff that I didnt before I got there, but that was the kind Instructors who gave a shit about us students. I will only decide to go to a community schools, they wont screw with me or anyone else. Plus I found out that the owners own more Vocational schools here in my are of Renton/Tukwila, I dont trust as much anymore. Thank you for helping me and everyone in this Hell Hole. My email is


I graduated from BCTI in 2002 hoping to get into a career working in an office environment, but now after 5 years, I'm working at a manufacturing company as a team lead. I feel as if I didn't get the assistance I needed for what the money is worth. I didn't hear about the lawsuit until just a few days ago. I looked up google and here I am. Has anybody received reimbursment..?


I was told I can't get anything although the first time I heard about the lawsuit was Jan. 5th, 2008 in the The News Tribune.

Under "what are my choices"...It says "Stay in the class...I don't have to do anything to be a part of the lawsuit..." No one contacted me. I went and graduated from BCTI back in '95.


I went to BCTI in 2001-2002. I pretty much learned nothing except how to not to pay off a student loan. It is very hard to pay with no money. Will anyone get reimbursed? I just this second talked to a B**** lady who sayed it doesn't matter if my children don't have clothing/food. I need to pay the Department of Education. Who else can we talk to to get money back?


I was a student at BCTI in 2003. I no longer live in WA and have gotten almost no information except when I have been able to borrow someone elses computer to look information up. Has anyone else gotten any information on where to go from here? What can we, the ones who didn't have any info before the settlement, do at this point?


I was a student at BCTI in 2003. I no longer live in WA and have gotten almost no information except when I have been able to borrow someone elses computer to look information up. Has anyone else gotten any information on where to go from here? What can we, the ones who didn't have any info before the settlement, do at this point?


I didn't hear about any lawsuit until May of 2007 when a friend said she got a check from the BCTI settlement. I contacted the lawyers office that handled the first lawsuit here in Tacoma, WA and they told me to send them my information, within two days, I have an envelope in the mail and two weeks later, I received a copy of my transcript from Dept of Ed. That was back in January 08, I have yet to hear anything about it. Please let me know if you have anymore information then I do.

Judy Pantelopoulos

I attended BCTI in 99 and I am still paying off my studant loan. What gets me is that I no longer live in WA. I didn't hear anything regarding this situation intll recentlly and would like futher info. on this whole thing. If there is anyone who can send me info or numbers of who to talk to that would be great. Just looking to see what is going on with this whole situation..


Judy Pantelopoulos

I attended BCTI in 99 and I am still paying off my studant loan. What gets me is that I no longer live in WA. I didn't hear anything regarding this situation intll recentlly and would like futher info. on this whole thing. If there is anyone who can send me info or numbers of who to talk to that would be great. Just looking to see what is going on with this whole situation..


Keenan U

I just recently caught wind of this in California. I called the law office in Tacoma and the lady told me that I'm too late in receiving money from this settlement and forced to pay my loan. I also didn't receive a good paying job.


Read the pdf file in this post. It clearly states that unless you opted out of the lawsuit by mail, you are in the lawsuit. My girlfriend was also told by the lawyers involved in the suit that she was too late. I believe this is a false statement and she is going to seek legal advise.
I think it is bullshit if there are only a few hundred people reimbursed and the thousands of others that knew nothing about the suit until recently are S.O.L. Plus they are still getting wages garnished and their tax returns taken, etc.

If we get enough people interested, we can take it to court for another suit. The courts have already ruled that BCTI is fraudulent so it shouldn't take much to get a settlement. Also, the attorneys that represented the students really dropped the ball by not letting you all know by mail or whatever means were necessary that there was a suit in play.
Let them know how you feel by emailing them at

I may start a website for former students of BCTI to get together and potentially file a suit against either BCTI or the law firm that represented them. Let me know by email at if you are interested in stirring things up a bit. I hate seeing people taken advantage of in this way.

By the way, I have emailed the attorney at asking how it is possible that it is too late to receive compensation when everyone who attended the school was involved in the suit. I will post their reply on this site (if they reply).


I am not employed in the computer field and am still working in landscaping fieldafter years of graduating, I get phone calls to pay the loans . it is stressful to think of that school and not be somewhere doing a great computer job with great pay.


I attended this school from Jan. 2001-Sept. 2001. From the get go I knew something was off when our first teacher began talking to us like we were in kindergarten. This behavior was short lived, at least in our particular classes. I was having my own outside personal life issues and had no time in my life for this BS and aside from putting the teacher in check, reminding her that WE were paying her salary so bow down to me [so on and so forth] I also wrote a 7 page letter to the administration at the time which sparked some serious attitude & raised eyebrows. The only thing I miss about that school was Larry who died from a massive heart attack in 2002. He is missed deeply! I hope that I will recv my money quick because the state is living on my back.


I was also told that I was too late to join in on the lawsuit. Frustrating! And this was right after the judgement. Let us know if anything developes. I graduated from BCTI in 1995 and am still paying on my loan! I have since gone back to school and will graduate from WSU in December. I was never able to get a good job after attending BCTI and am now attending a real school that is respected.



I Just talked to an attorney about this lawsuit and found out that Washington's was done last October. That really frustrates me.. Im still paying this school off with my income tax returns every year because I cant afford to pay it off every month because I dont have a job right now. I went to BCTI in 2002 and 2003. What am I supposed to do...Other people got their money back, how do we get ours back for the people that went here in those years? Like I said this really frustrates me..We even lost our stimulus checks because of them. It went to BCTI for this d@$* payment. If anyone knows of how I can get help on this can you please help. My email is

Thank You



I am in the same boat as all of you. I was wondering if anyone had investigated the contract/agreement we all signed with Direct Loans for any kind of loop hole that would void the contract/agreement in a situation such as this. You would think that direct loans would come forward and void the contract/agreement but of course they want their money!


I found this on the Direct Loans website


I may assert, in certain proceedings before ED, that I have a defense against repayment of a Direct Loan. ED may recognize
as a defense against repayment an act or omission by the school that I am/was attending that would give rise to a legal cause of action against the school under applicable State law, as long as that act or omission directly relates to the loan or to the school’s provision of educational services for which the loan is/was provided.
anyone know what this means?


I would like to also know what I can do now. I heard about the lawsuit at the begining but could never find out the info to talk with someone. Did not receive enough of an education to run a serch and I now provide care for the diabled and finally today ran into a girl that attended with me and told me what I should type into google. Finding this I do not feel so alone and screwed over this. I would like to know how to help myself climb from under the rock with you others. Also she said she was paid...behind this. Thank you.




I attended BCTI from 1998-1999 and am still working on paying off my student loan. I have also had my tax refunds garnished for the last 8 years, which really sucks. No one ever contacted me with the information about the lawsuit and i don't think it is fair that we are TOO LATE to receive any part of the settlement! What is that about....we are all stuck paying the loans off but we don't qualify for the settlement pay??? WTF?
If anyone hears anything please post it on this page.


For students who were enrolled at BCTI when it closed, they might be able to have their loans "discharged" by filling out a closed school form. Here is the link:


Any updates on how to get a loan discharged?

William Randon

I just found out about The BCTI law suit. I attended this school in 2002 and still repaying this loan as of this day. I work in a lumber mill. has there been any further progress for people who missed out on this lawsuit?


Has anyone thought about starting a new class action lawsuit against BCTI & also the law firm that handled the first suit? I myself saw nothing about the lawsuit until it was too late to be a part of it. I feel the law firm did not sufficiently notify former BCTI students. When researching this, I can only find articles where they reached out the the former students in the Southend, Fife/Gig Harbor. It seems as though they did not try to truly represent everyone, as they claim. If anyone has any comments or would considering starting another class action suit involving both the law firm & BCTI, please send me an email.



I like others also attended BCTI in Vancouver Washington in 2002-2003, Shortly after became homeless and lost everything, This also forced me to relocate, I moved back to the Portland area and found out about lawsuit. I wrote to the lawyers who handled the case and they wanted the promissory note from BCTI. They said that even though the suit was over I may still be able to get the loan forgiven however I would need the Promissory note I explained to them that would be impossible, So here I sit struggling to keep my head above water with almost 8000.00 in students loans being owed. If you went to school with me or you know anything about the new lawsuit I found online please email me at

Angela Wynacht

Wow………………………………………………. we just found out. We currently live in a small town in Alaska. We have had nothing but hell due to this matter to find out we basically are getting ripped off again. My wife attended many years ago and we are still waiting for her graduation certificate...Not to mention she has never received a job....but due to the loans we have had.... harassing phone calls, garnishments ect. Turned down from purchasing the following home, car, and even further education. This affected our children and to say the lawsuit is over is bullshit in its self....Since finding out know one knows anything please help bring value back to U.S citizens or should we expect to get ripped off from everyone else? Should I teach my children to rob and steal with no value or any care. Are we turning into the third world country that we read about and only hear gossip of? We received phone calls just a few months ago about payment, but no one has mailed, emailed, knocked on the door, or anything about this suit. But we are reminded everyday that they got the best of us and not by logicality. We want refunded and our credit fixed or give the addresses of the guilty thieves. Please email us info or help find someone who can help.


I completed my "certification" at BCTI's Everett training facility back in 1993. I never heard anything about this class-action lawsuit until I happened to hear a co-worker mention it the other day. It stuck in my head because I felt the place was a scam as much as anybody, and I miss my thousands of dollars gone down the drain. So I Google searched "BCTI lawsuit" and found this site. I am hearing mixed signals from this comment thread...if you haven't contacted somebody yet about being a former student, does that mean you're SOL?


The most recent lawsuit on behalf of the Oregon BCTI students has settled. This was a recent development and we do not yet know what the outcome is. The Law office which handled this case is the same as the previous but now has a slightly different name. Go to: I would suggest that you inquire if you can benefit from this settlement.


wow my address has changed but my parents have not. no letter, phone call, or persons ever came to their home looking for me about this suit. i have my parents address on everything at bctie and my po box i still have to date, still no word on this. I found out camping just this last weekend befriended a state worker and she told me about lawsuit. I was solicited by bcti as i came out of the unemployment office, and was a student there in 02/03. i am still paying on loans and the creditials were never accepted anywhere i went to get a potion in secretarial work. Now i am embarrased to even mention it. how could we still be held to pay for something that is not creditaly speaking accorate anymore. i would like to find out if anyone is currently pursuing a lawsuit i will join it. i tried at 8 companies a day and 8 a dif day all over thurston and periece county, building exponecialy over 1000 apps in at that many dif companies and no one accepted the creditials. my friend got me in to the potion i am at now and i did it without mentioning bcti, until i was already employed and they all laughed i didn't think it was funny, i was a fish "FISH ON!!!" I hate that.


Hi, I was misled also, I have a loan of about $7000, which i have to start paying asap? Upon completing that program I still couldn't find a job. The program was not beneficial to me. And also not worth the money. Is there anything I could do about it? Could please someone respond!


I'm sorry if anyone have information please e-mail me @


Any updates on the Oregon settlement??

The most recent lawsuit on behalf of the Oregon BCTI students has settled. This was a recent development and we do not yet know what the outcome is. The Law office which handled this case is the same as the previous but now has a slightly different name. Go to: I would suggest that you inquire if you can benefit from this settlement.

Posted by: Becky | May 29, 2009 at 11:52 AM

Lou Church (Richey)

I was a student in BCTI 1990, I just now hear about the law suit and am looking for more information on this. I am still paying for student loans also. It have been hell trying to pay back all of the money for what litte I got.
You can reach me at my email


I haven't heard anything since contacting the law firm in Tacoma. They were supposed to mail me some kind of packet, but never got it. I did receive a form to fill out and send to the direct loans processing center. It was a request form to be discharged from further loan payments. I haven't filled it out, but I am thinking about it. I have just canceled my automatic payment withdrawal from my bank account. WOW I just realized I've been paying since 2004. That is ALOT of money....., how bout they pay me some of that money back? well...I don't know if anyone still googles BCTI LAWSUIT, but if there is any information on what I can do, I appreciate it.

I have 2 kids and a wife to take care of. I'd rather be putting my money towards them.

Kathy Smith

I went to Salem BCTI. After always being told don't worry every thing is okay. One day they said make sure you take everyting that is yours home. When someone asked them why they said dont worry. Next day theres a note on the door saying school is closed. They said to file a form I still say I sent that first form in. The Department of Education said they never recieved it. Well I let it go thinking it will just go away. Now years later and in a new field that has nothing to do with Computers. I recieve a judgement against me to have my taxes garnished. As of January 2009 I refiled the papers and they said I will know in 90 days the next time I am told 120 days. The next time after they still got my taxes. (which took away my means to buy my two granddaughters clothes I am raising them.)
They said another 120 days. I am stil waiting. I called in the beginning of August and the guy said this is what they are told to tell us. I said its not fair I had to start all over and now they can't even give me an answer weather or not they will drop it seeing that The school closed. He said that they will expedite things I will hear in 30 days he said to call back. I called the 1st of Sept. They said there will be a decission by the 13th to call back. I called back on the 14th and was told that the person before doesnt know what she was talking about it could take another 120 days this is really not fair. Theres no one to turn to. I thought that if the school closed than we didnt have to pay. Also the waiting to see if I still have to pay it would be nice to know what to tell the girls weather or not they can have new clothes for school. They already took over 5000.00 in taxes and I dont even know if they are going to take next year taxes. The last lady told me to look on the bright side they cant garnish you. I said how can that be a bright side when I sarted this in Jan. and they took my taxes in April. I even waited untill April 15th. I was told they couldnt take the taxes if you get the paper in before I filled I have been lied to every since they talked me into this school thing.
If any body has any sujestions please contact me at
Thank you
Psted by Kathy: September 19th 2009

Kristenia - You were suppose to send that letter to Direct Loans months ago. The reason you are getting no action from the lawfirm is because they required you to do this as the Direct Loans were to send them your information for them to continue. It may be too late.


I went to BCTI in 2000 and it sucked. I've almost paid off my loan. I don't care at this point about reimbursement or suing the school. Its probably a waste of time since I didn't go there during the time of the lawsuit. I just want to know where I can get my transcrips from. Does anyone know how to do that?


I went to BCTI in 2002, im still paying off my school loan til this day. if anyone has any updated information on this lawsuite or anything about reimbursement please let me know my email is

Schwingee Baby

Gee if no one told you yet the Judge said it was ok to get a hold of us by news parents info never changed bcti destroyed their records so sue the Judge? I went there in 1990. the teachers quit so did my sales person Huh? the directors became THE INEPT STOOGES. I contacted the Law office they said they were handling this. Something like barely 5% percent of the people where contacted. I have not posessed a computer in 20 years or used one to research this. I avoided it like the plague>>> I'm never paying and never felt I should For What? The ciriculum is outdated we were Set Up Just Kiss My ass with the $9000.00 they got in the Settlement and call it a day wouldja?

Misty in Salem OR

I graduated BCTI back in Nov 1999, where I met my fience'. We would like to know if we are going to be contacted by mail about this lawsuit since we were students there? I was able to graduate but they shut down here in Salem OR before I could use their so called services to find a better job. He was unable to graduate due to a conflict with another lady student that didn't get along with anyone and was just disruptive. But because he was a man they thought he was more of threat then her and she is an ex-con. please email me any updated info
Thank you,
Misty in Salem, OR

Darla in Salem

I have had my taxes taken for the last two or three years, including the stimulas.I keep trying to find out what I can do to stop this from happening because like everyone else I am only surviving. I do chidcare and a second part-time job as a caregiver. I left my info. for a lawyer whos number I got from the internet, but never heard back. I also like a lot of you knew nothing about a lawsuit until recently. I don't know if it is to late for us but I don't understand how they could say it is. If anyone figures out what to do please let me know.

Darla in Salem

e-mail for Darla in Salem is

Adam Burbridge

Why with all of these post don't everyone get together and start another class action lawsuit if nothing else to get the government to stop taking our money. The government has taken double what was borrowed for me now citing that its my bill even though i have been fighting with them since I found out what bcti had done.
just today I have found at least 400 plus posts on various sites of others who did not hear about the lawsuit till recent myself being one, I was out of the state when the first lawsuit happened I never knew till today that it happened.
feel free to contact me


I’m a graduated from BCTI in 1997. I think it would be good to start another class lawsuit. I didn’t hear about the lawsuit until last month. I’m getting my wages garnished for the last 2 years and can barley pay my bills. I feel that since that are not providing the service they commited to, we should be able to receive a refund. I still owe $6,000. That is crazy.


Just heard about this class action suit against BCTI a few days ago. My daughter attended, being guaranteed work after graduation. What a joke--after almost $10,000.00, no work, is on government assistance and the money needs to be paid back, it was a loan.

Is it too late to file a claim? What needs to be done at this time?

Tiffany R

I also never heard of the class action law suit. I graduated from there in 2003. Now I am working as a cashier in a gas station. I didn't need that schooling to do this. I am trying to go back to school but they said there is a hold up because we are having troubles getting the transcripts from a school that is closed. How can we get those transcripts? Thats the least can be done if we have to pay back a loan that they gave us nothing for. I hope we can all get another class action lawsuit going. Its bull we were never notified. They had my moms address and she still lives there. Plus the loans always know how to reach us so they can't for one second say we can not find you to tell you. Please if anyone has any info on transcripts or anything please feel free to email me at


I feel for all of you. I'm in the same boat as all of you. I graduated in 1997 and I still owe the same now as I started out with. It seems like all I am paying is intrest. If anyone one out there knows anything to help us out please let us know. I'm sure we would all be grateful for any informaton on this subject. my email is
Thank you!


I wish I would have known about the lawsuit, I went to BCTI in 2002 - 2003, I did have alot of trouble finding work, after graduating, I had to settle working at Walgreens, I did work as an office manager for almost 4 years but they were desperate to hire somebody, they didn't know about BCTI's bad rep! So I got luck there, but they also didn't want to give pay raises either! That settlement money would have made a world of difference my credit is messed up because I can't pay my BCTI Loans, I have been unemployed since Feb 2009, no unemployment , I even had to drain my 401k.


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Good evening I just recently found out that BCTI even had a class action law suit. Boy am I behind in the times. I attended BCTI in 2003-2004. Needless to say, I did find out how negative credit scoring works when I didnt even know that I owed money. I was able to pay off my loans within 6 months of collections contacting me but the negative comments that they left on my credit will still be there for years to come. I hope that there is another class action lawsuit and that someone will contact me when that happens. P.S. on above comment regarding financial aide, anybody that goes out of there way to state friendship and use christianity against people who have already been suckered once should be ashamed.


I got 2000.00 dollars from the lawsuit be its still was'nt enough to pay for all my loan. I'm currently working for a bank in Cashmere, WA. but I got this job because I am bilingual in spanish and english. Also, I feel it was just my determination to find a job I deserve. Of course I lied a little on my application to get the position. Now I have been working here for 3 yrs as a new accounts rep. for a great bank full time. The only advice I can give is to just try to use some of the experience you recieved from BCTI and mix it with little lies and you my get a job that you can live with. But hope and determination is what you need and don't give up.

Kristen Prindel

I also did not know about the lawsuit and attending school in 2000 and still paying on my student loan!.. I agree they should bring another class action lawsuit up so more people can become involved. We need someone who has experience in last one to help us out.

Zaddius Thompson

I recently found out about this lawsuit.
Please send me any information you can about this I'm contacting the DOE today so I can get more info on having my loans dismissed.


Both myself and my co-worker had attended BCTI and neither of knew anything about the lawsuit when it was going on. If anyoen knows if another lawsuit is goign to happen or if there is anything that can be done (as far as the student loans that are still owed) can you please contact me.


Apparently ANYONE who was a student from 1985 to present was listed and included in the lawsuit, THerefore we must bombard them with demands that we receive money and/or have loans dismissed. The attorneys do not want to bother as they've already been paid. But saying it's too late is a lie and NOT TRUE as we are ALL included in the suit.
Contact the county where it was filed and obtain a copy of the suit. Do so immediately and if necessary we can all then file a new one ourselves.
Contact me.


How do you become part of lawsuit or is it to late

 marcia jiggens

I went to school back in 02. I graduated and of course... got nothing out of it and now i am getting my wages garnished and i can't get any tax returns till its paid off..... what can i do to stop this????


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Glenda Pierce

Dear Sir,
I went to school back in 012/043 I graduated and of course in 07/04... got nothing out of it and Ihave gotten my wages garnished as well as my tax returns till its paid off. I have not recieve my certificate from the first phase from which I have graduated. This will be the second time trying to contact some one to please inform me how to stop the garnishments and I hope that there is someone that assist all of us that did not partake in the first class action lawsuit and that someone will contact me at
Thank you
G. Pierce

Glenda Pierce

For all that would like to have the information of the Lawyer that got the settlement for Jayne Doodles.

Darrell L. Cochran
Tacoma, Washington
Managing Partner

phone (253) 777-0799

fax (253) 627-0654

email Email Me

Glenda Pierce

Also Matthew Albrecht 360-915-2812.
He to worked on the case for all that would like to pursue this further.


With the new 2011. Year! Congratulations.


i attended 2003 - 2004 and i graduated both parts; i heard about the fraud and everything but i still attended hoping to god i can still get a job. i got a job a year afterward but it was with an army surplus store and after 8 months i was laid off due to lack of work because the owners were broke after that i looked for more work with my Certificates from BCTI in hand i got 5 interviews all of them said that wasnt worth the paper printed on i got home and cried. then i joined the lawsuit and won $8400.00 in the end but it wasnt enough to pay off my loans my lawyers assistant told me to try and put off paying the loan and tell the story to the government so they can pardon it; i did everything but i still get harrased and my bill has gone to past 12,000 dollars its soo depressing i cant believe this crap happend to me. i know those owners are going straight to hell for this :(((

if anybody knows about possibly getting this loan forgiven and trying to start anew with my credit it would be greatly helped please email me at if you know anything about this. please dont send me any spam, thank you :'(


join this please if you have a facebook, if not create one and add yourself to this group. we need to get together and let everyone know we mean business so we no longer have to pay off our loans


With the new 2011. Year! Congratulations.


hello I attended bcti in salem oregon.I also did not hear about the lawsuit.Please people if you want to start another email me at Maybe we can get something out of those law-breaking idiots.


help! im still paying on my student loan too. how can i get out of it? please email me with info thank you,


I would also like to know how to go about getting my student loan stuff straightened out. I attended BCTI in 95-96 and that didn't benefit me at all. They said since I was only 21 at the time my parents income would be taken under consideration and base my loan off that. I just found out about the law suit, and realize it may be to late for me but would like to try and get this situation straightened out. I have 3 kids and my taxes got garnished for the first time ever and all of my tax refund (which I was depending on to help survive) was taken. I make so little money, and that would of helped me alot.
I don't know if this has ever happened to anyone else but about 8 years ago I started getting calls from a collection agency (apparently for a smaller loan to BCTI that I don't recall at all) saying I needed to pay the money. When I asked for proof, and for everything in writing I was told nope sorry it is illegal for us to send you anything over state lines. (I knew that was a lie and stated as much, and stated I would be talking to an attorney if they would not provide me the proof and I never heard from them again.) Has anything else happened to anyone like that? Just curious, because from everything I am learning right now it makes me wonder.
Anyways if anyone can provide info on how to deal with the school loan people, or get my transcripts I would appreciate it. I would like to verify that my loan amount matches what BCTI was "paid" for my education, and not an inflated amount that they may have wanted to keep for themselves.
Thank you. My email is

Melissa Wise

I attended bcti from 97-98 I would like information also on how to deal with my defaulted student loan. That program did nothing for me except bring stress and harrassment. I learned nothing that I couldnt have learned by myself just dinking around on a computer. I am now unemployed and my loan is in default. Please help.


I went to BCTI and missed out on class action as well . Did some calling and found out that Tacoma Law Firm is no longer handling this matter also 2007 was the dead line to file a claim. You can try to deal with EOD directly and file " LOAN DISCHARGE APPLICATION , FALSE CERTIFICATION ABILITY TO BENEFIT" read instructions and requirements if you qualify but honestly it's a waste of time.Purity much we are out of luck. Please post any useful information here. Maybe we need to take some sort of legal action to get our hard earned money back. I'ts wrong when the rich get all sorts of bailout but not the one who needs it the most.

Michelle Reid

I graduated in 1990 and going to BCTI was the worst mistake I had ever made. Not only did I not get a job from going there but I had a student loan that I shouldn't have to pay for. I stopped paying it since it was pointless. I ended up working in resteraunts and places only making minimum wage while trying to take care of my son as a single mother. I didn't even know there was a class action lawsuit or I definately would have wanted in on that. I'm glad they are closed and are not taking anyone else's money though. It's about time.


I graduated from BCTI from Vancouver in 1997. I did end up getting a job, but only because of my typing ability. That skill did me no good come layoffs. I paid my loan off long ago, however, it's frustrating to me that the education I received, and the 9k I provided for it does me no good now. Currently I'm back in a community college, as the Certificate for BCTI is useless. I would be interested in hearing if there is another lawsuit, not only against BCTI, but the Law Firm that handled it.


I graduated from BCTI in 1997 and I just found out about the lawsuit against BCTI and I would like more information on what I can do I'm trying to go back to school but can't because I'm still paying on the loan.

Travis Shetler

I attended this School in 1997 and completed the program but found out non credited school. I have a student loan for 8,129.66 base principal and with interest current balance 11,612.36 been in defaults for years due to pore health and now I am termaily I'll with no hope of recovering. My medications are after insurance pays half $800 plus a month. Which leaves me 200 a months to keep my lights on. just received notice of a 15% garnishment for school loans if I cant come up with 300 down and 150 mo for 10months before it could be based on my hardships or my income..I get garnished can't buy my meds no meds I will die. I understand student loans and know depts dept but This BCTI scammed me and all of us for thousands with no hopes of payoff.

Travis Shetler

Please send me more information about this law suit if possible my emails are or contact me at 360-250-7913

Wesley B Halleck

My Wife went to BCTI about 10 years ago been gettinf garnished sence sally mae said would request education assoc forgive loan Now the only way we can survive is. I'm disabled and on social security disability (Life Support) is for my wife to quite her job of 16 years and we move into senior subidised housing can anybody help us find an attorney pro-bono 253-236-4558


Please send me some information if I can file a claim Im still paying on this loan and I want a refund my email is

Jennifer "Jordan" Sanchez

I went to BCTI only the first half in Beaverton, OR in 2001. I have had several low paying jobs & every job I ask in all of my interviews did I get this job due to my skills that I acquired at BCTI & I was laughed at on all the job interview, I was actually told that luckily I had other skills because that would have never gotten me in the door and everyhint that I supposedly learned there I haven't used in any of my jobs. I have a huge loan & I have absolutly nothing to show for it. It was promise after promise & nothing came of it. I feel betrayed & financially hurt by what I was told by this school. I would like to get some information as I moved to AZ for a few years and didn't know nothing about this until I got back about a year ago & have noone to contact about this. Please help?

Tammy  C. Schultz

I went to BCTI in 1997 I never got a job through them they finally quit calleng for job referrels.
Does anyone know who I can cantact to have my loan cancelled.
Tammy C.Schultz

Julie Brusch

I also graduated from BCTI in Beaverton,I worked on weekends cleaning houses and school full time,after i graduated prospective employers laughed at me when I told them where I went.I had my bank accts,taxes,and wages garnished raising 3 kids and leaving us little to live off of.10 years later (still cleaning houses) I was told after my loan was paid off that we could refresh our training for free! Wheres my refresh training?NICE!I think they should pay for anohter college to retrain us!Please let me know how to get in on the lawsuit.
Julie Brusch


I attended BCTI in 1988, and out of this educational process I did not get much out of it, but completed the courses. After applying for jobs thereafter either the employers did not care much for BCTI or were not aware of them. I had to climb up the ladder as best as I could. They sure had no problem wanting the money and with the amount of money it should have been way more different. I was told after completing the class that I could come in and refresh myself if needed with any courses I had taken but when I wanted to do that someone at that time said that was not correct and I could not do that. I feel the educational was not worthy and at least we all should get a percentage back for any former students. Any student should not be left behind who attended BCTI. Good luck to you and God Bless you.

Mr Prakash Varshney


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