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  • Kate DiCamillo: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

    Kate DiCamillo: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
    This children's book is so much more than a child's story; from the moment when grandmother Pellegrina fixes her sharp black eyes at the rabbit and says, "I'm very disappointed in you, Edward", the story demands an examination of the reader's motives along with the scouring of Edward's selfish and vain behavior. I finished the book and sat back with a beautiful ache, knowing I had read something that was meant to be savoured, and would resonate far longer than perhaps I am comfortable with. Is that not the mark of a true story?

  • Charles Frazier: Thirteen Moons: A Novel

    Charles Frazier: Thirteen Moons: A Novel
    I had a really hard time getting into this one, but the writing was very well done. I did not find the characters sympathetic, but perhaps that's because I've read a lot of harsh stuff recently and was not moved by the plight of the idiots here. Kind of frustrating for me, I must say.

  • David Baldacci: The Camel Club

    David Baldacci: The Camel Club
    On a recommendation from a coworker, I'm trying out David Baldacci. This book falls squarely into the political thriller/mystery genre, but I really enjoyed the Bourne Identity, so I think I will be happy with this too. The writing is not bad, and the characters are already memorable - these are not just your token CIA agents and a few political advisors.

  • Jeannette Walls: The Glass Castle: A Memoir

    Jeannette Walls: The Glass Castle: A Memoir
    I've only begun reading this, but it comes highly recommended. The story centers on the family of an alcoholic father and neglectful mother, as the author attempts to describe her childhood in all its glory and pain. I recognize some of the wild creativity and exploration.

  • Diane Ackerman: The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story

    Diane Ackerman: The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story
    Riveting story about the Resistance in Poland, told through the life of Antonina, the wife of the zookeeper in Warsaw. Both the third-person discussions and the first-person narratives were informative and creatively done - I walked away realizing I had known very little about the Polish role in fighting Nazi Germany, and I now feel compelled to learn more. A very good read.

  • Sara Gruen: Water for Elephants: A Novel

    Sara Gruen: Water for Elephants: A Novel
    Way too much fun, with a twist at the end that will throw you completely off guard. It was lovely, but too graphic for kids.

  • Chris Crutcher: Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes

    Chris Crutcher: Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes

  • David McCullough: John Adams

    David McCullough: John Adams

  • Jeremy Byman: Madame Secretary: The Story of Madeleine Albright (Notable Americans)

    Jeremy Byman: Madame Secretary: The Story of Madeleine Albright (Notable Americans)

  • Thomas Merton: The Seven Storey Mountain
    Loves France. Interesting spiritual metaphors, a bit heavy-handed metaphysically. Not sure what I'll think about it when I finish.

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Christi Ezell

Hoi does a student who completed the program in Aug. of '99 see about getting some money back from the program? I completed the 720 hrs. w/o missing ANY time, was promised a good paying job in the end, and was not able to get a job at all. Little did I know I would be expected to start out at $8.00-9.00/hr and probably have to go to Seattle (commuting from Tacoma, paying for either the bus or parking in he city). For that little amount in starting out I wouldn't even have broken even, much less ever be able to pay back my loan. I feel that I was toatlly taken advatage of and ripped off.


As one of the litigants I can say I am suing because the school did not even follow their own cirriculum and I never once set up and configured a Windows 2000 Server (beyond a basic internal domain) or a Novell server. We were supposed to do many things we did not do. I amk also suing because the school used illegal training aids (pirated software) and other factors as well.

The training I expected to get in the one part of phase 2 I wanted was absolutely useless and the amount of total misinformation proved to me that BCTI deserved to go out of business. My lawsuit is over inadequate training and since we never even did what we were supposed to do in class I have a legitimate case.

Heather Johnson

I went to BCTI and got absolutely nothing out of it but harrasing phone calls from the student loan departments. I was told upon registration that they would base my financial status on how much i made. But they ended up going by how much my father made! therefore i ended up having 2 student loans to pay back! The teachers didnt really know what they were doing in class. Most students ended up teaching them. Some of the teachers left because they felt it was "wrong" what they were doing to us. I wanted to leave the school but i was promised a brighter future and so with that in mind i stuck to it till the end. I graduated and went on numerous job interviews all which ended in the employers saying things like.. You went to BCTI? Sorry but we don't hire people who went there because you dont have enough experience!. So it was back to the Daycare job i tried to get out of before. And than the people from BCTI would come to my daycare job during the day and harrass me because i wouldn't sign some paper work they wanted me to. The Monterey financial bank who one of my student loans was through has harrased me to know end. I cannot pay them back the thousands of dollars i owe. For starters im not even working and i havent been for a year now. BCTI should drop all the students who "Owe" because it wasn't our fault that we got stuck in a dead end school that led to dead end jobs. and now we are stuck paying back loans that we can't afford. All because of their lies to us.

Heather Johnson

Just another little thing to say about BCTI..With the promises of a new career and moving forward in a great paced work world. People say we could of learned it outside of the school..Well a little known trick..If you go to BCTI and than drop out a few months in...You still owe the money big time!!! which is totally unfair! And they dont like if you visit the school and ask to talk to other students about thier views on the school before you sign up..


Hi there. I found contact information for some of the class-action lawsuits against BCTI for you guys. Hope that helps!

Pierce County Superior Court Civil Case 05-2-05763-2

Member Name Darrell L. Cochran WSBA Bar # 22851
Law Firm Gordon Thomas Honeywell ET AL Admit Date 10/15/1993
Address 1201 Pacific Ave Ste 2100
PO Box 1157
Tacoma, WA
98401-1157 Status Active
Phone (253) 620-6531
Fax (253) 620-6565

For Oregon:
Charles Robinowitz

1211 SW 5th Ave # 1150
Portland, OR 97204
Phone: (503) 226-1464

Brandon Reeves

It is a sad thing, to have trusted individuals such as (schools) prey on those seeking a better life and education. I attended the BCTI Fife campus here in washington, and let me tell you. About 1/3 of the way through, I could tell, that I knew more than the teachers did, which was a reason i was at the top of the class. But when I enrolled into BCTI it was constued upon me that "their" training was the "best" and through "BCTI" I was going to recieve the education and experience to go to the top of the corporate ladder. As they put it in my interview. And that thought sparked my interest, and before I knew it I had paid over 4,000$ in cash and had sighned on the dotted line. What a mistake! But realising you've been duped when it is too late, sure makes you feel helpless, doesn't it? And these damn government loan snakes, just won't let up. I don't care if I go to jail, they aren't seeing a penny! BCTI needs to be held accountable, why don't they count how much money they gained? I wasn't even qualified for a student loan, I MADE too much before I went in! Now tell me that isn't bending the rules? Perhaps a tad? I want to bring these S.O.B's down, anyone know where I can find information on this I want my money back and compensation for this BS we've been put through. If anyone has infor PLEASE send it to my email, and I will reply If the school was what it said it was, I'd pay Uncle Sam back, because I love this country, but Uncle Sam if your listening, we were both duped!
-Brandon Reeves-

Amy Chase

I worked for BCTI for about 2 years and I definitely have mixed feelings about the experience. In every graduating class, there were almost always "a few" students who found what I would consider to be good entry level administrative positions -- usually these were the smartest, most capable students who could have gotten good jobs without the training but did not know how to conduct a job search or didn't have confidence in themselves. I heard a lot of students rave about the school and how much it had changed their lives.

But there were many other students there who clearly could not benefit from the training and should not have been there. Yet teacher's pay was based on student retention and so we were -- to put it mildly! -- pressured to try to keep these students in the program even if they didn't actually learn a thing. It was an extremely unethical situation and I am not too proud of myself for staying as long as I did.

Students do need to take responsibility for not reading the fine print when they signed onto the program. The recruiters may have painted a bright picture of their prospects but they still should have insisted on knowing the facts about their payment obligations and exactly what the curriculum was, etc. After all, the recruitment does include a tour of the school, where you can observe and are encouraged to talk to the teachers.

Turnover among staff was incredibly high. I am not exaggerating when I say it was not unusual for entire departments to experience 100 percent turnover every few months. It was ridiculous.

It may be hard to gather the facts to prove their case, but in my opinion, the owners should be assessed stiff penalties because they basically got rich by manipulating poor people to gain access to US government student aid funds. I've meet them myself ("Morrie and Tom" I think their names were) and they consider themselves very religious and righteous but they can't see their own hypocrisy. Pathetic.


I worked in the ****** office for a short time. During that time I was exposed to all the different levels at the school. It was clear, shortly upon my taking the job, that despite their "concern for their students and their futures" this was a school with only one concern and that was "butts in seats" for money.

There were several very unprofessional and questionable incidents between the director with both staff and students.

On the level of students, the teachers never seemed to be motivated or supported to take action against any problem students, and there were several. Before I made up my mind to leave, I was aware that there were some strange ways in which the Career Advisors were working with the students. Most of the students who graduated seemed to be in jobs that never made use of their skills.

The recruitment staff was always under the gun to get as many people to sign up as possible. Some of the people they brought in clearly would never be able to work computers, or they would only ever be entry level. The staff was treated with contempt.

I finally left that position as I could not in all good conscious work for a company that had such questionable business ethics.

let alone all the perverted teachers that screwed and i mean "screwed" the students. I know cuz i'm one of them. and he screwed my aunt, best friend, and aunt's sister in law, and others. and he is married. wow. i should take his a** to court too.

this school is sick and demented all around. what the heck were they teaching there anyways? man, good thing they got put out of business. hopefully all you students get your loans dropped. good luck to all. man, i feel sorry for his wife.

Tamara Graff

I attended BCTI in FIfe, WA and graduated in 1998, I heard about this school, called them and set up a tour to find out more. When you get there, you tour-ecouraged to speak to the teachers...teachers have even stated that they were "encouraged" to convince us to attend- so talking to them wouldn't get us honesty! Then while you're excited of the bright future climbing the corporate ladder you've just been promised, they get into the office and "talk" you into signing the papers before you leave... maybe that should have rang a bell but honestly you're just thinking about the great career you're going to get to provide for your family. I remember in Modular 1- I actually annoyed my teacher because it was typing basic letters and stuff.. they didn't have enough curriculum to keep you busy, several of us walked around and helped the others for lack of anything to do. And when I applied- I have moved here a month before, living with my dad with my 2 kids after a divorce, no income at all to speak of and got recruited and promised a great future with a career with room to grow up the ladder. Did they mean working as a gas station clerk with advancement to what "lead cashier", now that's definately worth $9,000.00! My loans were based off of my fathers income, which WAS NOT my income. And I'm one of the ones that they claimed as a success story, I had spoke to my "career advisor" about checking into designing web pages from home, then at graduation I was "encouraged" to stand up and speak about how I was successful as I would be designing web pages from home. Also, in the middle of modular 3, I had gotten pnemonia and was really ill, so I had to miss 3 weeks, when I returned they had me restart modular 3 with the class that was actually behind me when I began. Which seemed fine except that my original class was the last class to go through using an old application, so upon graduation I didnot have the same education as my graduating class because they learned totally different, newer applications in Modular 1& 2. My husband- who I didn't even know when I attended BCTI- his tax return was taken from him after we got married because of my loan that I can't pay because I was supporting my 2 kids on $8.00 an hour as a cashier at a truck stop. If I were to enter a contract with someone stating that I would provide specific skills and didn't follow through with my end of the deal, wouldn't I be held accountable? I believe that we were misled to what we would receive from BCTI and that there was some serious wrongdoing in several circumstances in my case as well as many others. I know no one who got the big CAREER we were convinced by BCTI that we were going to obtain. Shouldn't BCTI be accountable for at least part of our loans? I do believe that they should be accountable for something more than a certificate that means absolutely nothing to a prospective employer for they have no way to verify attendance, skills or graduation. $9,000.00 for a piece of paper that is the basic plain Certificate designed paper, so I may as well have printed it myself! Which I could have done before attending BCTI!!!!

Sher Fenn

*Note: This post has also been placed on

I'm glad to have finally found this place. It took a little bit of searching, but my girlfriend and I definitely have a story to tell as well.

My girlfriend and I met while she was in the middle of her Phase II "education" at BCTI, Salem. She had started Phase I a couple of years prior, but had to leave midway due to pregnancy complications. She restarted after the baby was born with a fresh new 10K loan (the previous one had not been discharged).

After completing Phase I, she was contacted by the school and they asked her to return to attend Phase II, which she did, whereby adding another loan to the existing pile, of which she was consistently paying.

The first time I picked her up at school, I was a little shocked to discover that it was actually located in a strip mall. It seemed odd to me that the school had no major capital assets.

A couple of months later, she mentioned that the school was still using Windows 98 o/s. I was alarmed that the school hadn't updated their operating systems to Windows 2000 (by this time it was 2002). I mentioned that it was a little unsettling that a technology school didn't even utilize the most current technology. I then asked her if she would be receiving her MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) or some other industry standard certification (A+, N+, etc.). She said the school promised her that she would receive these certs when she was recruited, but she checked into it.

The next day, two weeks prior to her graduation, she learned that she would receive a "BCTI Certification of Completion". Any additional certs would have to be taken and paid for indpendently.

For anyone who is unaware of what is required for an MCSE (and this is only one of the many different MICROSOFT categories a person can get certification for), there are 5 core tests required and 2 elective tests. Each of these tests cost big $$ (around $150 apiece) JUST TO TAKE THEM and if you fail, you don't get your money back.

She graduated from BCTI in October of 2002. Once she was out the door, she was pretty much forgotten. She had to hound BCTI Career Services for help and the help she got was job leads for minimum wage service jobs. She had several hits from the Oregon Employment Department for lucrative networking jobs for Oregon State University, Linn-Benton Community College and some City of Albany jobs, but she discovered, through the interviewing processes, that she was still vastly underqualified. By December of 2002, she was completely discouraged and filed for deferrment. By 2003, BCTI rumors were flooding the area and she defaulted on her student loans, of which she still owes about half ($15,000).

I don't blame her. If I received that kind of terrible service, I wouldn't pay for it either. Consumers do have rights. Unfortunately, that default will haunt her forever unless she can get them legally discharged. People can NOT file bankruptcy on Federal Student Loans.

After poring through the posts that I've found on this site for a fraudulent misrepresentation report that I'm doing in my Business Law class, I have to say that I am completely stunned and appalled at the ratio of instructor postings that fail so miserably in grammatical standards and overall professionalism.
I'm disgusted at the marketing methods employed by BCTI and terribly saddened by the way the company treated their more qualified and ethical employees.

If anyone reads this who is considering a private trade/business school, please consider the following things prior to putting your name on the dotted line:

1) Capital assets: this means that the school actually has a CAMPUS. Not leased, storefront property in a strip mall or a fly by night Internet document mill.

2) An itemized graduation checklist: Get one and then take it to your local university, community/junior college to check it against their requirements. All businesses will recognize an Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's Degree from a state certified school. Always. Employers might not take a little known private vo/tech school certification seriously.

3) Consider where you were recruited: If it's at a government facility for underprivileged people (like the Department of Human Services office, County Mental Health, etc) or a drug rehab facility take it to someone within that office for some consultation. Most DHS offices already work in liason with local community colleges and if you're serious, they can really help you out.

4) Consider the cost: Folks, I'm a dual enrolled student at Linn-Benton Community College and Oregon State University. At a minimum, through my community college, I pay about $1000 a term for my classes and about $400 a term for books. There are 4 available terms each year. This equates to $5600 a year, if you go year round (this means going during the summer). There are generally (6) terms to complete for an Associate's Degree. This equates to roughly $8400 for a bona-fide Associate's Degree. My girlfriend had to pay $10,000 for a single phase. Each phase took about 8 months to complete.

Do the math yourself. The consumer really got ripped off through BCTI.

5) Talk with any Career Guidance center BEFORE enrolling. Ask for a list of companies they work with and CHECK UP ON IT. If they won't provide a list to you, something is being hidden and you should run for the hills.

6) Talk with their Financial Aid department. If the only financial aid that you can get is a student loan, go to another school. There are literally billions of scholarship dollars each year that go uncollected -- your community college can really help you here. Remember -- you have to repay a loan, you don't have to repay a scholarship or grant.

This has gotten very long-winded, but I hope it helps someone in the future. I would hate to see another person have to go through what my girlfriend (and, as a result, myself) has gone through.

Best of luck.

Albany, Oregon


I attended BCTI located in Beaverton, OR in Feb 1997. I dropped out of high school and received a GED at 16. Within a few months I enrolled in the courses at BCTI. I was really excited about attending because upon touring the school it seemed like the instructors were very helpful and would be able to meet my needs, expectations. Upon completion of my loan paperwork I was asked for a $75 fee, which the recruiter said it was for my certificate when I graduated. I gave him the money. As the weeks went on, our curriculum grew shorter and shorter and class would end an hour or two earlier than what was scheduled. I began to realize that everything that I was being taught, were skills and applications that I already knew. When I spoke to the recruiter about it, he assured me that in the later weeks we would be taught new tecniques and skills that I could benefit from in my new career. My mom began to question why I had been able to get a student loan at 17 without parent consent. In the final days leading up to graduation I felt really discourged because I had not learned anything new. On the day before graduation a recruiter called me to tell me I wasn't going to graduate because I did not pay the $75 fee. I informed him that I did pay, I had given it to a recruiter who actually quit two months earlier. He told me the school had no record of my payment and if I wanted to get my certificate I had to pay again. I did not pay again, I have no certificate. I am very upset I was taken advantage of. Now I am stuck with a $6700 loan in default (balance remaining from $8000)I cannot repay because I am unemployed without any marketable skills to get a good paying job. I really want to go back to shcool to get a Master's in Business Admin but can't because I have this defaulted loan I can't and don't want to pay because I was used and misled from the beginning. What am I supposed to do now???


hey everyone, great news, go to and join the class action suit against BCTI

Tony Curry

I'm happy this company will finally have it's day in court. Someone posted they couldn't believe the agency which granted BCTI's accreditation didn't know about what was going on. Part of that reason is because they were being lied to by the administration office in Gig Harbor. Once a few of us realized what was behind the veil we contacted everyone from newspapers, government, news stations, and ACCET.

From time to time I see ex students and some former employees of BCTI because I still live in the community. For years BCTI got away with ruining people's lives, now I'm glad the role is being reversed.

Damian Gomez

I thought that taking a shortcut throuht BCTI was the way because they talked about all these advanced jobs we were going to be able to go work at. I am a very motivated young man that is not going to let anything get in his way. BCTI put me in a position where i had to start from step one. Im in debt about 20,000 and im only 22 with now real collage education. Im all on my own and i am an imigrant from mexico. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was single and with one child outside the welfare office when BCTI hit me. I fell for it, I needed what they promised to get myself on my feet. The only good thing I got was I met my future husband in class. Now he is doing very well, that has nothing to do with the training he got at BCTI. I stay home with kids, but after I graduated I did get a receptionist job paying 7.00 an hour! so 900.00 a month was what I made to live off of to take care of me and my son at the time. My husband and I always say, that it cost us $20,000.00 for us to meet eachother. How do we get involved?? thank you.

Julie Messerer

I graduated from BCTI (7-month "basics" course) in 2001. I'm still paying my loan off. I know of at least one classmate of mine who will be highly interested in the class action lawsuit.

As for me, over half the classes were worthless. The real kicker was when one of the instructors wrote a teaching manual for Microsoft Access!!! To this day, I have no clue what to do with that or QuickBooks (very poor instruction). Oh, not to mention what I categorize as a personal assault by my "professionalism" teacher who is supposed to teach ethics!! (He was removed after I talked with another teacher about it and other women had come forward as well.)

The only "good" thing that BCTI did for me was lead me to one job (which I quit when they wanted me to do things not in the job description--such as clean the bosses' offices, do Safety meetings with the guys--this was a road construction company, which I was hired to be a receptionist for!!) which prepped me for another one that I have now, using skills I did not learn from BCTI. I'm still stuck paying my loan off (at least it's down to $5000 now).

I should go for that Class Action Lawsuit to get rid of the rest of my student loan!

Yves P.

0498B Pres.
If you know what I'm stating here, send me an e-mail.



Da'Vonya Jackson

I am so glad that I have found this website. You just dont know how long I ve been searching for more info on this class action suit and Im glad to say.......Ive joined it. Man BCTI, was such a rip off. I attended the Tukwila, Wa location and graduated April/2002. And like many others, I also had hopes of pursuing a better career, and BCTI promised that was something they were gonna help me with. Unfortunately, thats not how it went! Throughout the whole time attending that school, things seemed kinda strange. Teachers here today gone tomorrow, the poor curriculum and the financial advisors were crooks. Even my mom said that she thought my advisor was a crook. He told me that I would receive some grant money because of the income level i qualified underneath. So he kept requesting all this info from my mom, saying this is what he needs to get me my 2000.00. So like any other normal person, I got happy and went to my mom for the info. She starting to think something was suspicious. Anyhow, I get all the info over to him, just to have him start ignoring. I would stop by his office and he was never there.

My mom even left several voicemails for him, and got no calls back. Unfortunately, I got into a car accident, which kept me out of school for a couple of weeks. The money that I was looking forward to receiving from this so called grant, still never showed up. Finally seen the guy, and he said "oh, you never got the money?" I was like "no". Right then, I knew I had to go. I was so ticked off, and to top everything off, I graduated but never received my certification.......what a ripp off! So, I would tell people dont ever consider going to this school, but no worries.....because their "Closed"!

contact the law offices of Gordon, Thomas, Honeywell at
253-620-6529 talk to Heather M. Spencer or email
they are doing the class action suit and want all students to get involved. they don't get paid till you do and if you don't get paid they don't.

gimme a break!!

Went to the school in 1997 and you want money back because you hear there is a lawsuit! Sheesh.

gimme a break!!

Went to the school in 1997 and you want money back because you hear there is a lawsuit! Sheesh.


I attended BCTI in 1995 in Lacey. I went to find out what this school was all about, they asked my if I had a dipolma or GED, I said I do not. Had me take some kind of test, said I passed. I never did see the results.I struggled the whole 7 months to keep up, got through it. Nine days later I end up having carpel tunnel sugery and then about 4 or 5 months later I had the other wrist done. I was never able to find a job cause I couldn't type fast enough for the job. I deferred on my loan so many times cause of hardship. The loan department hounding me all the time. Even after I told them that had become disabled they told me i was disabled before I started, yes mentally, but over the last 6- 7yrs I have become phiscally disabled there are days when I cannot even move. The loan dept. was very rude to me the last time I spoke with them. BCTI caused me nothing but grief!!!

Mary A. Brown

I took this course in 1995-96 and had a hard time getting a job. I did not know enough about the Access, Excel, especially to qualify for a job. I was told that at the completion of the job, I would be set up with job interviews and they would help me get a job. This did not happen. I do not feel I should have to pay for an education I did not get.

Erika Waggoner

I attended BCTI in 1997 and I have not been able to get a decent job since attending the school. I ended up joining the military just so I can catch up on my student loans. When in the miltary you are required to move around and the government gives you money to offset the cost of moving. Well I never see this money because United Education takes it away therefore my family and I have to try and pay for it on our own. The government also gives us money for rent called BAH well United Education takes that also. Its especially hard because I live in DC and the cost for me to rent is 1600 a month and when they take that I can hardly afford to live because I only make that a month. THank god my husband works. I have been trying to pay my student loan off for years with every little bit of money I get but with all the finace charges and interest it just never seems to stop. I was even denied a security clearnce because of that debt. Do what I am doing now go to a real college. I am attending the University of Maryland and the military is paying for it.

Ben Y.

I attended BCTI in Vancouver in 1996. I was recruited at the Employment Office in Gresham Oregon while searching for a better job. They talked me into touring the school. When I arrived, they gave me a tour and guided me right into the Financial Aid office at the end of the tour "just to see if I qualified". To make a long story short, after telling me how high their job placement was, how much more I will make after their training, and so forth, I took the bait. I graduated at the top of my class and was even assisted in finding a job shortly before I graduated. Well, I was misled on the job. It ended up being a job through a temp or job placement agency which only lasted a few months. The company I was working for decided they needed a programmer more than an office person and let me go after I worked my tail off for them.

When I went back to BCTI, they told me that I needed to work on my typing speed before they could help me find another job. I have ever since felt betrayed and deceived. They may have had a high placement rate but that isn't hard if you find people jobs through temp agencies!

I also, along with everyone else, feel that the training was extremely inadequate! I learned very little new information. The most beneficial information I did learn was how to, somewhat, polish my resume. They taught me how to list my highschool without mentioning that I didn't graduate. In my resume I was coached to say,"Attended general education classes to achieve a highschool diploma". I had never completed my highschool diploma at that point. I didn't get much for $11,000 which I am still paying on 11 years later!

I am now a full time student at WSU where I should have gone in the first place. My parents warned me to be careful when I went to tour BCTI but the salesperson was extremly convincing and pushy and I was really wanting to make a positive change in my life!

Anyway, I hope people get some of their money back because it was all a big scam! They were definately taking advantage of people (including Me) who were down and in search of something better!

Thanks for listening,

Former Student and Teacher @ BCTI

I was layed off my job in 1989, found I could not get a job using the skills I had because they were specializes skills and the companies where I lived did not need these skills. I enrolled at BCTI, graduated and was hired by a small company as an office manager. It was a temporary job so I continued my job search. I was one of the lucky ones and found another office manager position. It turned out to be temp as well (found out after working there for 6 months). Then, I came back to BCTI for job leads and was hired by the company.

My first indication that something was terribly wrong with the school/company was a situation where I had students turn in a paragraph about responsibility - working on basic writing skills, etc. I requested the document be hand-written. One of my students spelling was so bad that I had a difficult time figuring out what he/she had written. I took the document to the director and he said something like - well, this one really needs our help. Unfortunately, the course was too fast-paced and I could not give the remedial attention this student and others like him needed. These sorts of issues came up more often than I like to think about. I guess I was a more forward thinking instructor though and found plenty of work for my students. Rarely did my class run out of things to work on to improve their skills.

I think I did a good job as an instructor but I also think the company was not ethical in the enrollment process.


Terrance Brown

My name is Terrance Brown I attended BCTI. It was a big mistake. I have yet to get a job in that field. I didn't have a high school diploma. They quickley signed me up. I sould have known something was up. Please think before attending this school! I can be reached at 205-427-1563. I would like to talk to some old class mates.

Rick Buchanan

I was also duped into this worthless certification by BCTI recruiters that approached me outside the Oregon Employment Department, as I left the building. I was fast-tracked through enrollment with a new Stafford Loan that has since been deferred within 2 years of my finishing the course, and now has been placed in default status. Since my graduation I have held only one position for which I was "trained", and in spite of diligent job searching I remain unemployed and unqualified to potential employers. The school promised job placement assistance and referrals. This was "fulfilled" by a visit to the school from a Temporary Service representative during the final module of these courses to collect resumes from the graduating class. This is something I could and have done myself. To date, none of the 10 employment agencies I have enrolled with has assigned me work in my "specialized trained" field, only light industrial positions were offered. Their "Certificate of Completion" means nothing more to employers than basic knowledge and skill levels. I have now joined with this class action suit in hopes of having my defaulted loan forgiven so I may get a REAL education from an accredited, reputable, and competent school.

Regina Pete

I attended BCTI in 1989. I remembered sitting in the financial aid office and really thinking and knowing that I could not afford to attend school. I felt so pressured to sign up, because they kept saying that computers are the future and if you get in know in just a few months you will be done and have a good paying job and would be able to pay back the loan. I was still hesistant, but I did anyways.
I was supposed to have learned Medical Billing and Medical Terminology. If anyone who attended when I did back in 1989 can remember how we were taught medical terminilogy, you would have to laugh. For instance the word "Gastric" they would have a picture of a "gas truck" with a stomach ontop of it, because gastric pertains to stomach. I kid you not, this is how they were teaching medical terminology with funny cartoons. Medical billing ICD9 coding,never happened. I could not find a job doing medical billing with the so called skills that I learned at BCTI. However, I did get a job with a medical billing company, but I was hired as a collector on past due accounts. I went on a tour 2 years ago only because I promised a recruiter that I would attend, because if they did not get so many tours in a week they would lose their jobs, so I went. Once again I felt pressure to sign up, bit I actually escaped and then within weeks the schools had shut down.

Luisa Estrada

I was a student at BCTI in 1999 I was recruited from a unemployment office with a lot of promises I still don't know how I graduated, I was even afraid of a computer.
I never got a job but a big debt that I still haven't paid. BCTI is the biggest mistake I have done in my life.

Luisa Estrada

I was recruited from an unemployment office back in 1999, I still don't know how a graduate from BCTI, I just know that was the biggest mistake a made in my entire life
I am hunted but my debt, I am in not a good health because of the emotional problems I have since then I was told I was going to have a better life if graduating from bcti it was all not true. I still in debt an unemployed. With a lot of medical problems.

Ian C. Lytle

I attended BCTI from 3/04-3/05... I too was duped by those friggin muldoons regarding training, current equipment, and the promise of related job placement. I attended the Everett location with the premise of completing Phase I and II. I got several harassing phone calls regarding payment after I realized that the training and lack of current equipment and training materials. My last day was the 15th of March,2005. I had found this out after driving the 6 miles or so to be uncerimoniously notified (by means of a sign taped to the front door that BCTI was closed with no warning whatsoever). I was plagued with phone messages from Monterey
Financial regarding payments for an education that I was denied. The messages were at best derogatory and constant. I have changed my phone number twice to escape these crooks... It terrifies me that wastes of sperm and eggs are allowed to continue to waste our precious oxygen supply and take advantage of those who want nothing more than to improve their lives and goodness gracious! maybe work their way to becoming a more productive, not to mention, useful member of society...


To augment my comments, I should add that these clowns allowed individuals in that did not have the ability to speak English to graduate. There was a kid from Sudan who was barely able to effectively communicate in the English language. Many a time, the instructor had to hold his hand and essentially do all of his work for him. He was subsequentially graduated from both Phase I and II. It absolutely sickens me that an entity capable of luring, deceiving, and entrapping vulnerable individuals into an inescapable financial, educational,and none the least, an interminable life of literal purgatory with no hope whatsoever of a related and usable occupation. At one point, I viewed the plaques on the wall of "graduates" pertaining to post graduate occupations. I saw maybe two occupations that came even somewhat close to the "training" that we received... those being video game testers, or the fact that these people used upgraded cashier machines in their crappy paying 7-11 jobs. I hope these idiots realize that neither I or anyone with any inkling of any sense of self pride will pay one solitary penny for their "valuable education". As the saying goes... "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." Those buumklaat fools have had their one... never again...

Ian C. Lytle

I attended BCTI from 3/04-3/05... I too was duped by those friggin muldoons regarding training, current equipment, and the promise of related job placement. I attended the Everett location with the premise of completing Phase I and II. I got several harassing phone calls regarding payment after I realized that the training and lack of current equipment and training materials were less than adequate. My last day was the 15th of March,2005. I had found this out after driving the 6 miles or so to be uncerimoniously notified (by means of a sign taped to the front door that BCTI was closed with no warning whatsoever). I was plagued with phone messages from Monterey
Financial regarding payments for an education that I was denied. The messages were at best derogatory and constant. I have changed my phone number twice to escape these crooks... It terrifies me that wastes of sperm and eggs are allowed to continue to waste our precious oxygen supply and take advantage of those who want nothing more than to improve their lives and goodness gracious! maybe work their way to becoming a more productive, not to mention, useful member of society...

Lorraine Brown

A graduate of BCTI 1996 at the Tacoma Branch. Hello to anyone with infomation on this BCTI, Lawsuit. I really need info, on getting this off my credit. Yes! I to was a victim of this cirumstance, and feel though I was taken advantaged of, because of my situation at the time. Did not recieve what I was the contract displayed. I did not end up with a job pretaining to the training i proceed to believe to get. I went back to my old job. Still today don't have a job due to the program I attend at BCTI. How disappointed am I???? Very

Lorraine Brown

A graduate of BCTI 1996 at the Tacoma Branch. Hello to anyone with infomation on this BCTI, Lawsuit. I really need info, on getting this off my credit. Yes! I to was a victim of this cirumstance, and feel though I was taken advantaged of, because of my situation at the time. Did not recieve what I was the contract displayed. I did not end up with a job pretaining to the training i proceed to believe to get. I went back to my old job. Still today don't have a job due to the program I attend at BCTI. How disappointed am I???? Very

Rick R

Dear Editor,

I am a former BCTI student that joined the class action lawsuit against this now defunct school. I am proud of standing up against BCTI, and helping do my part to get these new laws enacted. These laws are great for preventing this BCTI debacle from happening to other students but what is being done to help the former students stuck with the student loans from BCTI? The class action lawsuit settlement helped to a degree with some of our damages but many of us like me still have student loans from attending BCTI, that the class action settlement did not cover. We are now paying for a defunct school that offered shoddy schooling, and we cannot even use this school to help us get jobs, or use on our resume. We are essentially paying for student loans that are no good because the services rendered were useless. We can't even apply for another loan to attend a reputable college because the old loan for attending BCTI is still in place. I have written letters to our state senators, and representatives with little to no response. I am looking for action from Patty Murray and Marie Cantwell, among others, to help with the devastation this school has caused so many students. The only response I received from Patty Murray was an email talking about what is being done to prevent future students from going through this debacle. While this is great this does not help the students involved in the BCTI debacle. Maria Cantwell did not even bother to respond. We need legislation passed to write off these student loans for the students that attended BCTI


I am trying to go to a real college now and I can't get financial aide w/o my transcripts... does anyone know how to get them???


I attended BCTI in Lacey and graduated in 2000. As I have read in other posts, I too, was rushed in and so forth so two days after seeing the ad in the newspaper I was actually attending. It was that quick. At that time I still did not have my GED but did take the test before graduating.

I thought I had learned quite a bit but I also had never even touched a computer before the first day of class. I missed my graduation because a temp agency had placed me in a job prior.

It was about a year before the company hired me on and they taught me the most informational knowledge of working on computers and in an office. If it weren't for that company teaching me multiple aspects of office management etc. I probably would not have been very successful in teaching myself more in depth.

I left them and opened up two different, very profitable, businesses that I ran with my partner until he passed away two years later, leaving me to try and locate a job. Between being over qualified from my businesses and the lack of schooling etc that would show I had any office knowledge or experience I was always turned down, that is if I could even get an interview.

Again, a temp agency placed me in a job that turned out to be wonderful and they hired me three days later. I have actually worked for them two different times, they seem to hire me after someone I love dies, hopefully that won't happen again.

I have been off work since August 2007 when doctors discovered I had very severe carpal tunnel in both hands and that I would have to have surgery to fix it, no alternatives.

By August 10th I received a certified letter from work letting me go due to missing days while I suffered in severe pain until my doctor got back from vacation. I have always been a very busy person and to not have a work schedule has made me crazy.

The whole process has really put me back in a very bad situation. Not only did I lose a really decent job and was mistreated at work and by the doctors and L&I and so on, but now I was rechecked and my right hand is still bad enough that the doctor mentioned but squelched the idea of another surgery.

So, here I am, unemployed, still injured, still owing $7600.00 for BCTI and being told by L&I that I am not eligible for retraining or any help they seem to offer every person I know of that would rather not work ever again.

All I want is a job or retraining so that I can at least use the so called skills that I still have to pay for that will not help me locate a job in the near future.

Sorry to have put so much of my story in but if there is any way to either get some relief from the ever growing school loan or to at least be able to get additional schooling that may help me if I still have to pay for BCTI. Kind of a fair trade. I don't want to pay for my career schooling if my hands do not even allow me to stay in the same career path, it's different if the money paid actually helps me earn in the future.

Sorry again and hopefully all goes well with everyone involved.


someone needs to sue the state and feds for allowing this to happen for so long im never gonna recover from this i got a check for the class action lawsuit but that does not even begin to cover half of the damage caused by these tax fraud pros

jimmy jackson

Hi, i found these articles about the bad behavior of schools taking people money by closing their schools without knowledge of the students, i too are in a situation where after enrolling in a school that i paid for took my money after i had missed a few hours of class, after the school had given me permission to be absent, what are my legal recourse. I need help. Thanks, Jhamael.


i need to find out if the law suit is still open. i to went there and have a lot of debt i can not pay back.. any help would be grate.

Melissa Huerta

You know i went to BCTI back in 1999 they promised a good job and a good education. I feel like i got nothing out of it and i am stuck with a loan that i can't even afford to pay they are at the point of taking my taxes i don't even make $10,000.00 a year and support 3 kids and you know what my job is today caregiver nothing to do with computers. The other bad thing about it all is i found out about the lawsuit a little to late. I was so upset about them taking my tax money it was for my kids. Someone had told me you can't sue BCTI you signed something that states that what a fool i was.




Wow, i am speechless. i dont watch tv or sit behind computer so when i heard recently about BCTI being investigated and shut down i was shoked. because i paid ten grand for nothing. I attended BCTI in FIFE washington at 2002 the class of 0203A and i never missed a day of school i liked it there but i wast happy with the choice of interview they send me to, and finaly after couple of months i got the job at some car parts wherehouse and i wasnt happy. caz i thought i would get a job in nice enviroment and warm and clean and behind a desk at some fancy office but i end up working at the back of the wherehouse in a very cold environment. so after two months i left the job and never go back. now i feel embarassed to even say that i went to BCTI caz i paid big money and my friend have better jobs than i and they have never went to BCTI. I hope im not late for at least some of the money i paid. if any one who is still in the lawsuit with BCTI and have some advice for me please e-mail me at


I went to BCTI around 1990. Mostly I have avoided computers for 20 years. Probably because of the bad taste this thing left in my mouth Running from Stafford loan debt was nothing compared to dutifully fulfilling my child support obligations, getting divorced paying off the IRS paying back an employment security overpayment. A Torn shoulder, Elbow,Knee,Back later.Disabled by a car accident with a neck brace on when Unintelligently, I Enrolled in their program. Teachers, my Recruiter Quit. Directors who didn't know Boo about their programs stumbled. I could barely attend the program as well as my next door Neighbor growing up who lasted 2 days, and he was in a wheelchair all messed up from an accident. He had a brain injury. Now that I have a computer seeing a Lawsuit, and possibly being able to payback the Loan who wouldn't want to sue. I find myself on disability again after a work accident about to be cut off from it. Going to Worksource, I really miss those BCTI Vultures standing outside the door. Instead I get to look at the people in line for a job.I know the Outdated Education from BCTI will really Impress the Employers when I show them my resume.

angela evans

i graduated from the bcti in tacoma washington in may of 2003. how do i get my name on the lawsuit list

Regina Shelly

I would like to get information on how to join the lawsuit as well. I graduated from the bcti in Fife WA in 1998 I still owe thousands in loans. I am a single mom of 3 that attended BCTI to better myself. I am doing ok by my family But I would be doing alot better if I didn't owe all this money for a certificate that isn't worth any thing. I was onlt 18 when I went to BCTI, I didn't even have a GED still don't so I don't even know how they got the loans approved. They said they would help me get the ged before the end of the third mod. Some one please help me find out something...


i graduated from BCTI in 2004. How do I get my name on the list.


I had attended BCTI in 99, however I did not learn everything they promised, I was harassed by the counselor there who asked me inappropriate questions regarding my absents there for sickness, when I took this to the person ahead of him nothing was done, and he was even more inappropriate after that.
I had filed bankruptcy in 04 and was not able to make payments towards the loan per my lawyer, now the collections just called saying I owed them over 13 grand. I need to talk to someone about this, they shouldn't have charged me interest for not making payments and the interest is over 2500 along w/ 2600 in collections fees. They want to garnish my checks and take my taxes. Who can I talk to about this? I've heard about the lawsuit, and tried to contact someone about a year ago and had no responce. Please help!!


I attended the Fife campus in 1999/2000. The school never asked if I graduated high school, only if I completed it. They didnt have me take a test either. I found the ciriculum to be high school level and was amazed that the instructors would step out of the room when I was in class because the students would ask me how to do certain tasks.

From what I have learned after this class action suit began, BCTI upper echelon destroyed as many student files as they could once they learned of the lawsuit. That is why most of you were never contacted.


I attended VANC wa. BCTI 2001
Cannot get the loans paid currently unemployed children to support etc.
Anything I can do to get repaid? please email me.


Information didn't show >sorry
Please email me @


If they destroyed our records, what can be done? I attended BCTI in 99 and still owe $6,000 in loans from it. After I filed bankruptcy, I thought it would be washed, but school loans cannot be washed in a Chapter 7. I was searching for information on how to get rid of my loans, and found all these articles about BCTI being in a lawsuit. Can someone please give me some info. on this?
I had to actually remove the fact that I attended this school, from my resume before I could find a job. Having it on there was viewed as a negative thing to potential employers. What a waste of time and money!!


I attended BCTI in Beaverton, OR back in 2004 and only attended for a month and a half. But after I had a siezure in class, and returning from the hospital, I was told I needed to leave the school. When I asked them if it was because of the siezure that they were asking me to leave, they said they could not tell me. So, now I owe $5299.93 on a student loan that did me no good.

Wes Prang

I attended BCTI, Lacey WA in 1994. I knew it was stupid, the equipment outdated and the teachers incompetent. But at the time I had no options.

I couldn't understand the Financial Aid for Community College, I couldn't hold down a job, and they promised they would prepare me for a good starter position in an expanding career field. Music to my ears.

So I closed my eyes and ears to everything I saw and just kept hoping that these people who would soon get thousands of dollars from me, were earning their pay.

Unfortunately, they didn't. I never got a job. Prospective employers laughed at my certificate. BCTI Job Placement blamed me for stating that I was unable to go up to Seattle to look for work.

All these years later, even after the school was sued out of business, I still owe this huge student loan, still have no way to pay it, and not only am unable to find work but also cannot go to Community College, even if I wanted to.

You who originally posted this blog article 5 years ago, please understand. We may have been fools, but we are also the victims, taken advantage of by those we trusted to provide an education but did not.

Vanita Lines

I went to BCTI in Tacoma, wa in 04. I didn't even get past the first half of the schooling. I went there to become a network tech, and before I could return for the second half of school--the doors were closed. I didn't sign up for the first class action, and it doesn't make sense for anyone to owe money for a school that was full of 'it' in the first place. I still owe the original $6000 with interest and fee's added on to that for incurring that while i deferred my payments. I even tried to fight it with the direct loan people, and they said 'it shows you completed the first session' of course I did! I NEEDED THE 2ND ONE! but as everyone knows, you have to go through 1 to get to 2. Ugh, oh well. I guess we all chalk this up to a very EXPENSIVE lesson learned...the hard way!

Zaddius Thompson

I completed BCTI's useless courses and I still owe money. Will someone please send me any information they can about this lawsuit? Thank you.


what is BCTI stands for???can someone tell about this?tnx...


Went to BCTI in Vancouver in 2000/2001, didn't hear about lawsuit until I was looking up info on the school. How do I get in on this lawsuit can't find any info on it or how to get some money to pay back my loan. Any info would be really helpful.

Mark Bury

I spoke to a lawyer about this from Pierce County who was a co-counsel on this. He forwarded me the decisions from the class actions. Even though students recovered some monies,it was not much by anyone standards and they are still stuck with those damn stafford loans. I myself an $7K in debt right now.

Unfortunately it states on the DOE website that loans will not be discharged because they school was fraudulent. But email me and I will be happy to forward these decisions to you, I have seven files.

My email is and my name is Mark. If enough of you respond to this maybe we CAN find out more.

BCTI no longer exists as a business and the statute of limitations has been exceeded for us to recover monies but we could find a lawyer willing to class action the Dept of Education.

Email me I have time to formulate this.


I graduated from BCTI Everett, WA 2003. I had just turned in my paperwork for foodstamps and was headed to my car when I was aproached by a man handing out flyers to this school where I could get the education I needed to get a great job and be able to take care of my and my daughter. Not only had I just left my husband but I was less than 6 months sober from meth and grasping at anything that could help me start a new path headed toward positive and meaningful goals. What could be better than going back to school and giving myself the chance to get the tools needed to get ahead and move on with my life? What a big mistake. I didn't have my GED or diploma so I was given 2 tests one in english and one in math. I guess I passed and was told I qualified for the school. I think 4 of us took these tests at the same time and I know 1 girl didn't pass. She was heart broken and left crying. Now I am jealous of her. My life has been hell and my 12 yr old could teach me more than I learned from that computer preschool. I had no idea there was a lawsuit or settlement. I do know I still owe on my loan and all this time I thought I was one of few who didn't get the education I was promised. I am so pissed now that I know all of this. Why should I have to finish paying off my freaking $4,000 some odd bucks for something I didn't even get? I worked my ass off to get out of default now I am so broke from no work I am going to be headed right back again. I have been cleaning houses for God knows how long. Now with the economy no one can afford house cleaners!!! My email is if anyone can help me figure this out please let me know.

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